Alopecia – causes and method of baldness


For a person affected by it, baldness is a significant problem not only of an aesthetic but also an emotional nature.

The appearance of excessive hair loss can cause a lot of stress and tension, lead to a decrease in self-esteem, and even depression. Therefore, if we are affected by this unpleasant ailment, we should not take it lightly and hope that the problem will disappear by itself. Alopecia can be treated with good results and stop hair loss and even regain its former volume. However, you should not delay in starting the appropriate therapy, because the sooner we start acting, the greater the chances we have to get rid of the problem.

A few words about baldness

Excessive hair loss is a common ailment that affects people all over the world, both men and women, and even children. If not treated properly, it can lead to permanent hair loss on the scalp, all or part of it.

People suffering from baldness often experience a lot of stress and many negative emotions. Hair loss is embarrassing, it lowers self-esteem and, consequently, deteriorates relations with the environment, and even more serious mental problems.

In the event of a problem, it is worth reacting as soon as possible and fighting for each lost hair. Treatment of baldness requires persistence and consistency, but in order to bring results, it is worth using the help of a specialist.
A dermatologist will try to diagnose the cause of hair loss and suggest appropriate preparations to stop hair loss and stimulate the regrowth of new hair.

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You should be patient, because the effects will not come immediately, but only after a few months. Medicines applied externally to the scalp in the form of shampoos or rubs and oral supplements – vitamins that will improve the condition of the hair from the inside, can help.

We can also use the help of a trichologist – he deals with the diagnosis and treatment of alopecia, as well as various diseases of the scalp. With the help of specialized tools, he will conduct a thorough skin and hair examination, and on its basis, he will recommend the appropriate treatment. Treatments used in trichology clinics, such as mesotherapy, scalp peeling, or treatments that stimulate growth, are effective.

The causes of baldness and methods of its treatment

Treatment of alopecia depends on its cause, so it is essential to make a proper diagnosis to be effective. It can be difficult, and sometimes even impossible, because alopecia is a disease of complex etiology and can be caused by many factors. Therapy will consist of eliminating the underlying cause, if possible, which usually results in the resolution of alopecia. It should be remembered that hair loss is a natural process that results from its life cycle. Hair grows over a period of time, then dies and eventually falls out – that’s why we lose a certain amount of hair every day and this is not a cause for concern. Only if we observe significant changes in this area, and the loss of hair loss increases significantly, we can start looking for the cause of this condition, and as you know, there may be many of them.

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  1. Genetic causes – androgenetic alopecia should be mentioned here. It is based on male sex hormones – androgens, mainly testosterone, which undergoes specific changes in the scalp destroys the hair follicles and causes gradual hair loss. This type of alopecia is much more common in men, but also affects women. Treatment consists of the use of preparations available at the pharmacy in the form of traps, sometimes taking oral medications that lower the level of androgens, and trichological procedures.
  2. Drug-induced – taking certain medications can cause hair loss. These include antidepressants, but are also used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease, and hormonal agents. Only stopping taking a particular preparation can stop hair loss.
  3. Infectious diseases, e.g. infections with high fever, diseases such as syphilis, typhoid. Prolapse should resolve spontaneously after the disease is cured.
  4. Improper diet that leads to a deficiency of important nutrients can result in excessive hair loss. It is necessary to supplement the deficiencies by introducing a wholesome and balanced menu.
  5. Scalp diseases – such as fungal infections, dandruff, excessive seborrhea. Therapy should begin with the cure of the primary disease, and then you can use preparations and treatments that strengthen and improve the condition of the hair.
  6. Postpartum – hair falls out as a result of hormonal changes that occur after the baby is born. It usually clears up on its own within a few months and does not require a specialized approach.
  7. Physical and mechanical factors – improper care, the use of too much styling cosmetics, frequent use of a blow dryer and straightener, burns, wounds, and even very tight pinning and binding of hair. Cessation of destruction and exposure to adverse factors should help reduce prolapse.


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